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29 April 2009 by Stuart Cam

Like most alpha geeks I became interested in computers from quite a young age. How young I hear you ask? Well, I can remember a time when I'd borrow computer books filled with BASIC from the local library, then proceed to copy the code line-for-line into my beige brick-like Acorn Electron. It was an incredibly tedious task where I'd wind up spending hours trying to find the typo. Even if I managed to transcribe the code exactly, most of the time the games were rather disappointing.

Fast forward to around 1995-96 and I started playing Doom II, and then its predecessor Quake. I was obsessed with Quake. Real 3D in a computer game - simply amazing. It was around this time that the first dial-up internet providers were making headway. Armed with my lowly 28.8 modem and a moderate amount of teen aggression I wrecked havoc in online clan matches and duels! CopyCat was the player to fear!

My interest piqued when I discovered that you could create your own game levels. Modding was a new phenomenon that was starting to gain traction. A friend of mine introduced me to Quest, a level editor for Quake, after which point I was totally hooked. I ran a web site for a couple of years called The Levelab which provided hints and tips on level design and hosted maps for the UK One-on-One League, or UKOOL for short.

So, where is this ramble going? Well, I was digging through some old CDs last night and stumbled across my old Quake and Quake II levels! I thought it'd be fun to fire them up once again and take some screenshots for this blog. I have also decided that after nearly a decade gathering dust I should release the uncompiled source code for each map into the public domain, because frankly, my level designing days are over. If John Romero can release his source code, so can I!

UKOOLDM2 - The Egyptian Cistern

Released: 21st June 1997

One of my first ever Quake 1-on-1 deathmatch levels. It's my take on the classic deathmatch level DM4 and often results in frantic gameplay.

UKOOLDM2 - The Egyptian Cistern screenshots


Released: 29th July 1997

Winner of the Random Acts of Senseless Violence (RASV) Quake level design competition, bagging me a brand new Voodoo 3DFX card in the process. Back in the day these graphics cards sold for £139.99 so I was over the moon to win!

Punishment screenshots


Released: 9th December 1997

A bespoke Quake deathmatch level commissioned by PC Gamer to be included on the front of their Gold Edition magazine.

Analysis screenshots

Fusion '98

Released: 12th April 1998

A custom Quake II level commissioned by Reality-X for their Fusion LAN meeting in Leeds, UK. The last level I ever released.

Fusion 98 screenshots

A little bit of Googling unearthed a rather old interview with me from 1998. Poor grammar, odd phrases and spelling completely probably intentional!

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