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07 July 2009 by Stuart Cam

I have been fan boy of the ALT.NET movement for quite some time. I attended a few of the Sydney ALT.NET meetings when they first started and I have to say that they were remarkably more engaging than the Sydney Dot Net User Group (SDNUG). I'd like to extend a thank you to Richard Banks for starting the meetings, I really enjoyed them. If you are in Sydney I recommend you check them out and join the LinkedIn group.

I will be moving back to Bristol, UK on the 10th July 2009 and I am really pleased to hear that an ALT.NET Bristol group is starting up. Socialising, beers and geekery - a perfect combination! If you are interested then don't forget to join the ALT.NET Bristol LinkedIn Group as well.

I have tried to look outside of Redmond for .NET solutions to common problems, despite the fact that the framework is owned and developed by Microsoft. It would be fair to say that the .NET framework has attracted a lot of interest from some very smart software developers who have collaborated to create viable alternatives to Microsoft offerings. The best part is that they are usually free, well supported and open source.

  • Visual Source Safe? I'll take Subversion, thanks anyway.
  • MSTest? I'll take NUnit, thanks anyway.
  • Team System? I'll take CruiseControl, thanks anyway.
  • MSBuild? I'll take NAnt, thanks anyway.
  • ...the list goes on

My current (preferred) development stack looks something like:

If you are a .NET developer staring at the list above and thinking to yourself "what on earth is this guy talking about", I'd suggest that you check the fizzy liquid in your glass isn't Microsoft Kool Aid and visit some of the links!

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