Death March

15 June 2010 by Stuart Cam
Death March - Edward Yourdon
Death March - Edward Yourdon
  1. Customer's requirements are captured in written form
  2. Requirements are transformed into further written documentation
  3. Timescales are predicted using guesswork and multiplication
  4. Invariably this process always results in a bid for work
  5. Cost is calcuated as a function of timescales and resources
  6. The statement of work is drawn up to include as many get-out-of-jail-free loopholes as possible
  7. The schedule is unveiled, all hail the schedule
  8. Developer units are hired to work to the schedule
  9. Requirements and specifications are buried in word documents and spreadsheets
  10. Key knowledge held by people who are disconnected from development
  11. Distributed teams make communication difficult
  12. Development derives additional requirements during the solution process
  13. Customer changes requirements
  14. Cycles of rework begin
  15. Plan starts to slip
  16. Management become unhappy
  17. Pressure begins to mount and quality begins to suffer
  18. Developers suggest solutions, but these are stifled or trivialised
  19. Retrospectives are conducted behind closed doors
  20. A new schedule is drawn up, goto 7.
  21. Morale plummets
  22. Self-preservation begins to take over
  23. The development team starts to dissolve

I wonder what the outcome will be?

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Eric Evans DDD Presentation

12 June 2010 by Stuart Cam

Another fantastic presentation from Eric Evans which resonates strongly with me:

During the presentation he talks about documenting the process he has been using over the last 6 years. You can download a copy of the draft write-up too.

Is this the possible start of a new book?

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